Hobo Packs

What I like most about this recipe is it's simple cleanup. You can even eat dinner right out of the foil. Then throw away the foil! You can easily substitute any fish for the scallops. Or add in any seasonal vegetables you have.

Yield: 4 Servings


·      1.25 lbs. medium to large scallops (about 5 per person)

·      2 squash, 1/4” dice

·      2 zucchini, 1/4” dice

·      1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved

·      1 bag frozen corn kernels

·      Bag of greens (either baby kale or spinach)

·      Handful of herbs (chive, thyme, basil)

·      4 large pieces of tin foil (size of two legal pads)

·      4- 1tbs of butter

·      ¼ c. white wine or chicken stock

·      salt and pepper to taste


  • Heat grill to high
  • Spread out the 4 pieces of foil on a counter. This will help assemble it quickly.
  • First place the bed of greens on the foil, then add the rest of the vegetables.
  • Add about 5 scallops to each hobo pack and season with salt and pepper
  • Add the butter in the middle of the scallops, then wine (this helps steam everything nicely)
  • Finally add herbs to the top.  Close each hobo pack on itself.  You can bunch it together, like a hobo bag, or fold it nicely like a pillow.  Keep it a little loose to allow for air circulation
  • Drop the grill to medium heat and add the hobo packs.  Depending on your grill it could take 15-25 minutes.  Keep checking back to see if you can hear it steaming.  I usually take one off after 15 minutes and open it to see if the scallops are cooked.  They should be white and firm.
  • To plate you can either eat them out of the foil for quick cleanup, or serve them over quinoa or rice.  It’s a great summer dish and pairs well with the wine you cooked it with!

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